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Greetings all and happy Sat The NFL Playoffs are about to get started, and I've got 20 lineups going in this first gameCOLTS V CHIEFSIt's a fuckin blizzard right now and I'm trying to adjust my lineups accordingly, So if football's not your thing then here's the latest from the Faro's Lounge Blotter, a lovely image of SILVER SABLE AS SLAVE LEIA in order to celebrate one of the coolest friggin movies to ever be released INTO THE SPIDERVERSE Of course every pledge you make to our Kickstarters goes towards a very good cause,My next 20 lineups,

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Steve Ditko has passed and I never got to thank him It's easy for everyone to say they got into comics because of Stan Lee but that wasn't my case.  Stan will always be the man but it was the art of Steve Ditko that hooked me on Amazing Spiderman and the adventures of Doctor Strange throughout my childhood and set me on a rabid course of life that would lead to riches and poverty many times over.   Thank the lord for you Steve Ditko So with the announcement of the death of Steve Ditko I didn't want to bore...

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