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These new Facebook policies about posting pics and ads that go to a site even with bars over boobs being rejected is enough to make me want to shit a Miata,But true hustler doesn't necessarily break the rules, he works around them,Happy to report the Arizona Sketchbooks have been shipped from the printer, so they shall be arriving at my doorstep by next Wed and off to your humble abodes within another week of that. Santa Claus is coming, some bring a blanket and some baby oil.Until that fateful rendezvous, here's two more icons lapping it up in a Cavewoman...

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budd root, cavewoman, comic book art, commissions, dc comics, faro, faro kane, faros lounge, zatnna -

2018 is wrapping up, which means nothing to me to be honest.I kind of hate holidays because it always invented stress, bad holiday music, all your favorite shows have to do the X-Mas Special or even worse they are pre-empted for another stupid X-Mas movie,The way I see it, when you work for yourself and you work hard, every fuckin day should be X-MasSo on that note, here are two more entries to The Faro's Lounge Hall of Fame, Cavewomen, if you only knew how much I dream of waking up in 1,000,000 BC surrounded by a bunch of dirty horny...

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