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Only 6% remains on the latest Kickstarter, and Master Varese was kind enough to send over the color flats updates on the Kickstarter Exclusive Scooby Slave Leia Signed & Numbered Poster,Grab your copy on this campaign because once it's over the order goes in,But why not just give the update a gander and decide for yourself,Jose wanted to give it that Jabba-esque Color Scheme, and next up will be the final colors and some Jabba Jewelry to complete the poster,Grab your copy now :) -- Only 6% to go,https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hooligansco/faro-summer-1867-the-9-circles-of-hellCheers, FK

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend to any and all celebrating and hiding from work, or those having fun while pretending to tell their family they have to work,Here is the latest update from the Master Varese's Magic upon those folks in the Magical Mystery Machine, We have sold HALF of these SIGNED & NUMBERED babies, so 25 remain for those that want the Exclusive Kickstarter Poster for this Faro Summer 1867 Campaign,We shall have the color updates whence the man delivers, and I hope we can get those of you still on the fence to get aboard so we can clear up...

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Happy Saturday you featured fuckers.  I just sent out a gigantic stack of Anti-Valentines and Mega City Maryland Sketchbooks, Posters and all assorted fairy wings and space dust.  I look forward to hearing the concentrated rips, tears and screams, as you open your Faro's Lounge packages across the cosmos.I have about 25-30 packages for each campaign left to send out, and as always the Master Varese is at home chained to his desk, fine tuning his commissions list to get them out to your clutches while Emil and Hique help carry the load and deliver the necessary artistic assault on Westeros,As...

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