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Happy Saturday my friends, I have finally set up a Twitch TV Channel and after booking my reservation to the opening of Galaxy's Edge the new Star Wars Theme Park in Walt Disney World, I decided it was only appropriate to do the Marvel Star Wars Comic Series as my first live STORYTIME @FARO'S LOUNGEI will always be bitter that the Marvel execs didn't bite when I pitched the Avengers Imperial Invasion storyline but fuck it, with Game of Thrones pissing everyone off and DC Comics still fluttering around in disarray, it's time to get back into the Galaxy Far,...

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Well it fuckin happened, and we were so close to the finish line, but alas, one of my soldiers had to pull out of his desire to possess THE SAVAGE SHE HULK COMMISSION, so she is back on the Kickstarter for whoever needs that Emerald Green Amazon in a tattered loincloth bikini watercolor painted by the finest mother fuckin penciller from Southeast Asia, Emil "The Meal" Cabaltierra (Nickname still in progress)Whether affairs of the heart or the body, we always hate to lose someone, but at this goddamn point I'm used to it,And to even be more annoying, I'm trying...

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday bitches, I've got $300 in lineups going in just about every dam quarter,For those of you stuck making endless small talk while waiting for the game to start, here's a little pregame treat, a video preview of the new FARO'S LOUNGE NORTH CAROLINA SKETCHBOOK -- RIVERDALE TRIBUTE, https://youtu.be/VSc4gay1aUI Don't forget to show your love, money and vital organs on the new Faro's Lounge Anti-Valentine's Sketchbook, with a lovely Jessica Rabbit Mature Mashup Cover,https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hooligansco/faros-lounge-the-anti-valentines-day-sketchbook

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