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One of my backers passed away unexpectedly last night, I guess it would be even weirder if it was expected.I never got to meet him, but thanks to technology and a constant need to bitch and complain about the state of pop culture, a friendship was built,We talked about my two favorite subjects, Blondes & Bulldogs, we talked about the Avengers ruled and the Justice League bombed,We collaborated on a poster that I'm sure most of you have in your collection (VENOM V FLASH) and he bought the original art,He owned a bulldog and was about to give me his...

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday bitches, I've got $300 in lineups going in just about every dam quarter,For those of you stuck making endless small talk while waiting for the game to start, here's a little pregame treat, a video preview of the new FARO'S LOUNGE NORTH CAROLINA SKETCHBOOK -- RIVERDALE TRIBUTE, Don't forget to show your love, money and vital organs on the new Faro's Lounge Anti-Valentine's Sketchbook, with a lovely Jessica Rabbit Mature Mashup Cover,

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