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I woke up this morning with a giant smile on my face, as you see, my entire apartment has been taken up with South Dakota, Happy Harley Days, Michigan, Zeldara and more posters of boobs then a Russ Meyer film,So with no where to sleep I had to bunk up with a friend, who just so happened to be a tall tattooed stripper in Fort Lauderdale,The things I do for you mother fuckin readers, Writer's Life Baby,Ok, so now that Pooh Bear got some honey I have already sent out the first wave of packages and the rest will be going...

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Happy Tuesday my friend, there a boring debate on my TV and I got my ass handed to me today on Draftkings, literally putting back all the money I won by placing first fucking place yesterday,Ahh, it's like a seesaw, with my nuts on both sides of the pans,So anyway, the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival was in full effect this last weekend and I had a bird's eye view of all the action from living in the center of it all,Someone did a monstrous mural of Kobe Bryant, which will remain directly outside my window until the sands of...

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It's that time again, time where I gamble on the whims and wants of your imagination, coupled with the desire to keep Jose Varese drawing the extension of my mind until he is overcome by the fact that a human male can see that part of a woman so closely,Eh, long story, happy ending, well for me at least, not sure about the hooker, but are we really concerned once the art has started being painted,Well speaking of love gone wrong, as you all know, the Anti-Valentine's Art Book serve to be the opposite of all of our others, as...

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Ok my friends, Master Varese was just at Faro's Lounge causing some artistic havoc that will soon be revealed as our next Anti-Valentine's Art Book,As for the theme, let's just say it involves Jessica Rabbit in a Black Widow Scarlet GI Joe Mashup Double Cover Yin Yang with Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes -- is that enough of a hint,I have ordered the FARO SUMMER 1867 Books and look forward to reporting in when they ship out to me,Til then, Jose has finished the Faro's American Safari SOUTH DAKOTA Cover -- featuring SHE-RA & SKELETOR on a GRAYSKULL CHOPPER,As I...

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Updates for all, The New York Sketchbooks arrive from the printer this evening, and I will be spending the weekend packing and shipping to get all the books out in full on Sat & Mon morning,Arkansas Cover is finished, just putting together the interiors,New Jersey Covers will be available either tonight or tomorrow, depends on when I shake down poor overworked Sanju,Faro Summer 1867 is only 4 pages from being done, God Help Us,Zeldara has 16 pages left to color, what a delightful romp its been,Pixi Runner Script is finished, just waiting to see who I will be selecting for...

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