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The last wave of FARO'S LOUNGE NORTH CAROLINA RIVERDALE TRIBUTE SKETCHBOOKS have been mailed out, and we made room just in time for the MARYLAND MEGA CITY TRIBUTE SKETCHBOOK just finished and delivered from the Master Jose Varese,For those of you who want to see the MATURE VERSION -- the one with the BAZOOKAS & BINKY, well fuckface, guess you're gonna have to buy it,As for me, my friends, like I always tell you to believe in me and believe in my madness, I spent last night foaming it up at my old stomping ground of Deerfield Beach, where I...

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blank cover commission, comic art, comic book art, comicart, commission, commissions, dc comics, faro, faro kane, judge dredd, sexy sue storm art, she ra, slave leia, steel bikini, sue storm, sue storm sexy art -

Ah my dearest Sue, if only you knew how much I hate friggin Sharks,Today I played 6 lineups at $10 a pop for the 2K Draftkings is giving away in Spring Training Games,3 lineups won and 3 lineups lost,So I won back exactly what I lost,And The Vicious Cycle That Is My Fucking Fantasy Sports Existence Continues On Its Sliding Freaking Fudgin Scale,So on that note, lets get to the fuckin new birds mates,The Faro's Lounge Anti-Valentine's Sketchbook is about to end and it is some of the deepest darkest shit I've ever put down on paper,My man Captain Christos...

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