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Happy Saturday nerds & turds, I am in hot pursuit of a sultry blonde but I have numerous competition, then in the midst of closing down probably the last night of drinking in South Florida besides speakeasies, I spotted a brand new sexy and absolutely dangerous brunette bartender chilling and smoking, and then the visiting girl was on some daddy fetish stuff before her ugly "friend" came over to cock block, disrupt and annoy me into a card slip to the girl and an exit out the back,So all in all, I still fuckin got it, just gotta figure out...

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Happy Friday my friends, this virus shit has caused mass hysteria across the nation, so I am going to prepare the only way I know how,With a few bottles of Corona and a Medium Filet -- butterfly cooked preferably,ALL BOOKS HAVE SHIPPED!!!ZELDARA -- SHIPPED!!MICHIGAN -- SHIPPED!!SOUTH DAKOTA -- HAPPY HARLEY DAYS -- SH-SH-SH-SHIPPED!!I look forward to all of your feedback as you tear open your packages and curse my name when I screw up your order,So while I suffer through no fuckin baseball on my TV here is the long awaited opening sketches for the newest Faro's American Safari Sketchbook...

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