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It's Saturday and I'm surrounded by updates, a relief over days when I have nothing but so much useless filler you may as well sign me up for a Democratic Debate or a Brian Michael Bendis comic book marathon,Get it, because I hate fuckin Brian Michael Bendis and his shit filler style of writing,Ugh, don't get me started I'm in a good fuckin mood, although a hooker and an oil cartridge may really spice up this Saturday, but you didn't come here to hear this shit, you came for updates,Blank Cover Commission Updates, my favorite kind, and these two babies...

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The Alabama Sketchbook is finished and off to the printers, so as always it's time to press forward the issue of making new and exciting ways to allow you to artistically exercise your childhood fantasies to become more than a reality, but a goal to be put in front of you,If you grew up on Scooby Doo, you wanted Daphne or Velma, and either you spent your lifetime scouring your range of life for tall, demure redheads, or joined up with all the chess clubs and av clubs in college in order to find your short, four-eyed geek goddess,Maybe you...

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I went to see Rascal Flats last night, I killed a case of Bud Light Orange and Two Blunts and spent the next 7 hours watching a Pixi that I've been in love with for ages twirling around like drunken art,I danced off about 1,000 frosties and stood in awe of just how incredible life can be, and even if what I truly think I need to claim this as a victory never manifests itself in the way I want, just being in the game is what makes life worth living,It's easy to make that statement when you're losing, but...

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