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One of my backers passed away unexpectedly last night, I guess it would be even weirder if it was expected.I never got to meet him, but thanks to technology and a constant need to bitch and complain about the state of pop culture, a friendship was built,We talked about my two favorite subjects, Blondes & Bulldogs, we talked about the Avengers ruled and the Justice League bombed,We collaborated on a poster that I'm sure most of you have in your collection (VENOM V FLASH) and he bought the original art,He owned a bulldog and was about to give me his...

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I'm staring at a bulldog at the lounge right now, and it's wonderful,I love seeing life going on in front of me, around me, even if I am welling up at the sight,She has a face just like mine, and she's doing tricks with her mother, who lets me play with her and pet her,She's staring back at me now, letting me know it's ok,It's amazing the kind of guilt we feel when attempting to move on,We get tattoos, make commitments to get new friends, try new things, travel to new places, but eventually, we have to back up those...

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