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Well it fuckin happened, and we were so close to the finish line, but alas, one of my soldiers had to pull out of his desire to possess THE SAVAGE SHE HULK COMMISSION, so she is back on the Kickstarter for whoever needs that Emerald Green Amazon in a tattered loincloth bikini watercolor painted by the finest mother fuckin penciller from Southeast Asia, Emil "The Meal" Cabaltierra (Nickname still in progress)Whether affairs of the heart or the body, we always hate to lose someone, but at this goddamn point I'm used to it,And to even be more annoying, I'm trying...

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Well, well, well, it's Thurs, and your week is so close to ending you can smell the hops at your favorite tavern just simmering past the hot redhead they hired to flirt with you so you will buy her drinks and drag your asshole friends back to that same bar because the hot chicks are like so down to Earth,Bitches,It's time like that where we must beckon back to those ladies that made us swell our knickers so damn often, before HDTV made us see their flaws,Damn you Digital Remastering,So here we are my friends, the latest Mashup from Faro's...

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I just put in the orders for the Faro's Lounge North Carolina Riverdale Sketchbooks and Jose is making ground on the Anti-Valentine's Day Sketchbooks.For those waiting on the CaliPornia & Arizona Sketchbook packages, I'm happy to report I've sent out the final packages this morning,Well now that I'm properly broke this week and letting rich gentlemen use my holes like a jungle gym in order to write more dribble, let's show off some more lovely commissions and plug the Kickstarter,https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hooligansco/faros-lounge-the-anti-valentines-day-sketchbookPower Girl and Elvira Mashups always get me going, especially when the man responsible for making it happen is will be...

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