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Happy Super Bowl Sunday bitches, I've got $300 in lineups going in just about every dam quarter,For those of you stuck making endless small talk while waiting for the game to start, here's a little pregame treat, a video preview of the new FARO'S LOUNGE NORTH CAROLINA SKETCHBOOK -- RIVERDALE TRIBUTE, https://youtu.be/VSc4gay1aUI Don't forget to show your love, money and vital organs on the new Faro's Lounge Anti-Valentine's Sketchbook, with a lovely Jessica Rabbit Mature Mashup Cover,https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hooligansco/faros-lounge-the-anti-valentines-day-sketchbook

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So I am listening to a Email Marketing course on Shopify, and in between this douche's bad jokes I keep asking myself,What is the point of all this shit without the emails,Ugh, ugh, giving offers and discount to ghost usually turns up cotton cloud farts, so I will gladly drown my sorrows in a House Special Option of Fried Rice tonight while going after the other 998 names for my master Thunderclap Sports Art Book,Of course you can be a part of that movement at the old store,http://www.StatenIslandFats.comForgive me as I attempt to spend the night making my own logo...

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Happy Mother Jumpin Monday -- I bet you thought I was going to say Fuck, but I want to curse less in this new year, so the bear the fuck with me :)Just got this juicy morsel on the wire from Master Varese, so here are the flats and below are the almost done colors for yet another cover masterpiece containing another 24 pages of stories, art and love from the best indy label to ever use the word indy,Enjoy, Post, Pledge, Share, Encourage, Blackmail, whatever gets me to 300%Thx again and let us know what you think, all feedback...

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So the holidays are over and thank God I can get back to my own brand of normalized chaos,I've got my graphic designer on top of the new OHIO Book, and as I collect the poster selections and info from the new survey I will have everything to the printer this weekend and Scooby Doo and the crew will be gracing your doorsteps within the winter,For those who haven't gotten their packages yet I actually had to order more SOUTH CAROLINA Books, as this month we sold a SHITLOAD of them,I am very proud of that milestone and it appears...

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