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Game of Thrones may be over, and as the PTSD sets in let us remember how much more content is out there,And to kick it off, here's METROID : SYMBIOTE starring SAMUS ARAN & VENOM!!!!25% to go, we need ya,, FK

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When you wish upon a witch,Don't be shocked if she's a bitch,Hee Hee, it's only a few hours away from Avengers Endgame, and I already broke and read the spoilers on stupid fuckin Wikipedia (Damn you Julian Assange)Of course that only makes me want to see it more, and I've got a lovely lady ready to join me and I've got new art coming in and brand Faro Kickstarter for the next chapter in our time travel saga on the horizon for May 1st and just mother fucker life is getting better as we get past tax time and into...

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Tis another Manic Monday, and I spent the last week kicking ass at Spring Training Fantasy Baseball and spent the weekend blowing it all on Tacos, Krathom Tea, Cannabis Pens and whatever else that brings us together to create the greatest fantasy art and stories this fucking business has been begging for,Funny thing is, I'm sitting here at the Lounge, trying to enjoy a tall pint of Black Cherry Fermented Goat's Milk and this idiot is trying to tell me he feels bad about my constant ambition to be a millionaire and that I should be more like him and...

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