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Greetings on this rainy Tuesday in Florida, this shitty weather is raining Hell on my ability to maintain a solid summer fling while non stop 80s music blares behind as I prepare for another live stream on the old Twitch Channel.We have achieved double digit followers, onto the next goal, triple digits, and soon after that, I'm building my own castle of legos.After I post this I'll be jumping back into the Star Wars Comic Universe with issue #8, hope to see you there, you're done setting up your Twitch account to let me entertain you, check out the latest...

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As always, I give you further proof that the universe gifts and grifts those who choose to serve it straight rocker style,If you read last night's blog you will know I was in a shitty way, my main team is on vacation, and I had the kind of blues that hookers and cannabis didn't seem to be curing.I know I have to push the Kickstarter for FARO SUMMER 1867 back a month, and that drove me nuts because I want to make sure that whatever I have planned as a back up for the April campaign better be fuckin good, And...

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