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Here are the latest sketches from the futuristic saga we know as Pixi Runner,Emil has assured me all 12 are being sketched first then inks, this way the whole dozen will float over to Bryan and then Ed and then the Printer and then Santa Fuckin Claus, so be patient and enjoy the process,And speaking of enjoying, Hique has finally come back with the ink updates for the MASSACHUSETTS Cover -- featuring Wanda Maximov as The Scarlet Witch Doctor and her Pixi Wasp,Hique has told me his colorist has top priority on getting the ladies finished, perhaps we can get...

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Happy Sunday you church going folk, Last night I got to enjoy the UFC fights at my local pub, I even got to know the owner and am now organizing the first ever FARO'S LOUNG INVITATIONAL SOFTBALL GAME,Details to come, but I know this, I don't plan to make money or play well in this endeavor, but we are gonna have a hell of a fuckin time in the community,So after the kick ass women's title fight, the Main Event sucked a large Imperial penis, however, hanging with the old school owner of the pub at his table with his old...

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One of my backers passed away unexpectedly last night, I guess it would be even weirder if it was expected.I never got to meet him, but thanks to technology and a constant need to bitch and complain about the state of pop culture, a friendship was built,We talked about my two favorite subjects, Blondes & Bulldogs, we talked about the Avengers ruled and the Justice League bombed,We collaborated on a poster that I'm sure most of you have in your collection (VENOM V FLASH) and he bought the original art,He owned a bulldog and was about to give me his...

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Between Avengers and Game of Thrones, my imagination is about to be in overload,I just want to take the chance to thank all of you regulars and newbies who are continuing to make this ride possible.  Up next month will be the next issue in the Faro Time Travel saga, so I hope you're ready for some more fucked up stories and pants stretching art posters,Up tonight is the last of Emil Cabaltierra's last commission package, Scarlet Witch in two stunning art pieces, off to their new homes tomorrow,May you inspire more and more wonderful women to take up alchemy...

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