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Happy Tuesday fuckers, so happy to report that JERSEY & ARKANSAS have hit the trucks and are on their way to Faro's Lounge,I look forward to using hours upon hours of back breaking packaging and shipping to go grab some breakfast with this Filipino Stripper Goddess I spotted in Fort Laudy this weekend,It's nice to get out again :)So while I wait for it to rain sketchbooks I'm still waiting for Jose Varese to get over his flu so he can make his next appearance in the lounge,So while you wait check out the latest attempt I am making to...

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Happy Saturday my friends and foes,My man Sanju came through and delivered the Freddy cover, and it was well worth the wait as he really captured the Nightmare Realm Theme I wanted,I hope you will agree, and I will be spending the rest of the weekend getting the final text and graphics on the covers and getting both Jerseys and Arkansas Covers out to the Printers and soon into your grubby paws,I'm hopping to get in another YouTube session to finish up the rest of the next package of art commission ideas and concepts out to the Faro's Lounge Hub...

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It's Monday and I missed the Saints-Bucs jackpot first place by .70 points, which I think equates to about 7 yards,Alas, once more not a millionaire, so I must continue to peddle my wares amongst the heathens, Up above, enjoy the latest sketch of our newest Hoodie Design, Whether you want it on the front with a pullover or in the back on a zip hoodie where no one can bother you, The Farrell Apparel has you covered,Below you have the update for the Scooby Doo Slasher Cover Update -- Jason chasing down the lovely Daphne & Velma,Enjoy the sketches, pledge proudly...

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Happy Monday folks, I lost my ass on the Fantasy Football Wire, like any of you are fuckin surprised,What is it about game of chance that gets ruined when asshole sharks clog up the works, like that mattered my pics ate a dick lolSo out of the garbage and onto the new, new colors for new posters that is,Up top we have Zeldara, the Mistress of Mars in her ultimate tri breasted Slave Leia Steel Bikini from the Steel Bikini obsessive compulsive Emil Cabaltierra, who will be doing next month's cover for Faro's American Safari Halloween Edition, featuring a Scooby...

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Happy Saturday my friends, I have about 90 lineups to finish but I am so excited to be working on fine tuning all the hoodies and shirts with the VENOM VS THE FLASH art, and of course the Alien V Predator art will be retired from the gallery and put on clothes, Sometimes one must realize, the only art posters that sell are the ones with the BEWBS lolSo that being said, I am working with Emil on next month's American Safari Cover, a Halloween themed delight with a SCOOBY DOO SLASHER THEME, hopefully the first of many from the...

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