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Happy Sunday, as another Kickstarter ends, another is about to begin, well as soon as those greedy fuckers at Kickstarter approve us.Jose is finishing up both the Maryland Dredd She'Ra Cover and the Strip Poker Quarter Finals Colors featuring Sue Storm, Harley & Psylocke,I sent out all of the Anti-Valentine books that weren't waiting for posters.  If anyone wants me to sub the Strip Poker Magic Round or Asian Round or any other posters, I can ship out their Valentine's Books now as opposed to later with the Maryland Books,As always, we are as flexible as we are fuckable :)So...

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Well, well, well, it's Thurs, and your week is so close to ending you can smell the hops at your favorite tavern just simmering past the hot redhead they hired to flirt with you so you will buy her drinks and drag your asshole friends back to that same bar because the hot chicks are like so down to Earth,Bitches,It's time like that where we must beckon back to those ladies that made us swell our knickers so damn often, before HDTV made us see their flaws,Damn you Digital Remastering,So here we are my friends, the latest Mashup from Faro's...

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