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Ok my friends, down to business, I just shipped out another wave of Ohio & North Carolina packages, and two more waves shall follow there after, And of course I have just ordered the monster stack of Faro's Lounge Anti Valentine's Day Sketchbooks, which again may I say, is definitely the darkest thing you will ever read from our archives in some time,For those of you who missed out on the campaign, I will of course make this very special issue available, (At a mark up of course, which is because you are lazy tardy fuckin bastard)But of course you know...

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Waiting for updates from Emil & Jose always send a shiver of excitement up my spine,Turns out it was a bloody chunk of shit working its way out  of my colon as I overdid on some shitty Irish themed food that was more than likely bathed in salt before it was basted in sodium,This was one of those days where I thank God I steam, swim and soak everyday -- it put my body in a position to push out whatever bad was building in my body,Now that I'm still alive, we have this glorious piece of Original Watercolor Art,...

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