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Happy freakin Monday you lovely mother fuckers,I am moved into my new studio apt, deep in the heart of the Lake Worth Arts District and I hope to land me both a hot tattooed artist in training along with the millionairess who finances her operations,Stay tuned my friends, for the man you know as Faro has been resurrected,Speaking of which, I hope you will all join me on my new YouTube show live from my place,Of any questions I ever paid attention to, the most important has always been inquires about my writing process,So that is basically my radio show,I...

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The Alabama Books and Infinity Chopper Prints have shipped from the printers and are en route to me in Sunny Florida.  I look forward to hearing stories of your happy faces as they go from me to you to your hidden stash locales and respective walls of lairs.So after meeting with my guy in Arizona, I am working on some variant chrome, pearl and metal covers for the upcoming Zeldara #1 campaign,The Mistress of Mars will be getting the Lady Death treatment, as I eventually have to start listening to you fans and your foibles,But enough of that, check out...

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