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Happy Tuesday fuckers, so happy to report that JERSEY & ARKANSAS have hit the trucks and are on their way to Faro's Lounge,I look forward to using hours upon hours of back breaking packaging and shipping to go grab some breakfast with this Filipino Stripper Goddess I spotted in Fort Laudy this weekend,It's nice to get out again :)So while I wait for it to rain sketchbooks I'm still waiting for Jose Varese to get over his flu so he can make his next appearance in the lounge,So while you wait check out the latest attempt I am making to...

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daphe and velma, scooby doo, scooby doo sexy art, shagy and velma, velma dinkley sexy art -

Happy Monday folks, I lost my ass on the Fantasy Football Wire, like any of you are fuckin surprised,What is it about game of chance that gets ruined when asshole sharks clog up the works, like that mattered my pics ate a dick lolSo out of the garbage and onto the new, new colors for new posters that is,Up top we have Zeldara, the Mistress of Mars in her ultimate tri breasted Slave Leia Steel Bikini from the Steel Bikini obsessive compulsive Emil Cabaltierra, who will be doing next month's cover for Faro's American Safari Halloween Edition, featuring a Scooby...

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daphe and velma, scooby doo, scooby doo sexy art, shagy and velma, slave leia, velma dinkley sexy art -

Happy Saturday you featured fuckers.  I just sent out a gigantic stack of Anti-Valentines and Mega City Maryland Sketchbooks, Posters and all assorted fairy wings and space dust.  I look forward to hearing the concentrated rips, tears and screams, as you open your Faro's Lounge packages across the cosmos.I have about 25-30 packages for each campaign left to send out, and as always the Master Varese is at home chained to his desk, fine tuning his commissions list to get them out to your clutches while Emil and Hique help carry the load and deliver the necessary artistic assault on Westeros,As...

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