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Happy Friday my friends, enjoy this 4 page preview of my absolute favorite scene in Zeldara 1 -- The Mistress of Mars -- The New Age Kennedy Assassination,Of course there's no script put in yet but I feel if you follow along the pages you will get the feel for the scene, especially the moment where the announcer learns that Han Solo is being edited out of the original trilogy due to toxic masculinity and replaced with................................ROSE TICO,That's when the Carnage ensues,Hope you enjoy and I hope you will spread the word,They dropped the ball on Star Wars, now it...

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The Original Art for VENOM V FLASH is still up for grabs -- I'm always in the mood for an interesting deal on this -- the day of my fallen friend's birthday (said slightly more dramatic and with an Italian accent -- you should see my fuckin Brando Impression) Anyway, back to business, I took my first sales trip yesterday, in an effort to get Faro's Lounge Posters carried in stores, one store showed promise, but more in the original art for a store exclusive cover,While I would love to employ Jedi Master Varese to kill another cover commission, especially...

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