What Makes a Badass Timepiece

What Makes a Badass Timepiece

During my Vegas days, I remember all these guys would be running around the MGM & The Wynn throwing the wealth around, or at least their perceived wealth, which they chose to wear on their bodies at all times.  I still remember some douche bragging as he showed his watch and told me it cost $1 million. 

All I could think is, "How many bulldog hotels could've been built for this fuckin glorified gold band with a bunch of shiny glass rocks some people agree to call valuable diamonds.

The way I see it, that prick only bought the watch for the price.  To me a watch should be a reflection of your personality, a chance to show off your inner shade to those who might miss out due to chance.

This is the first of what I hope is many new ways to display the great of Jose Varese.  If you are as obsessed with time as much as I am, you will know there are always better ways to answer that fateful question, "What time is it?"


Fantastic Four mixed with Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back for a cool Marvel Watch

Pop over to the Faro Kickstarter and check out the reward for THE NEW FARO FANTASTIC FORCE WATCH, featuring the Fantastic Four--Empire Strikes Back Mashup Art from the master of all pencils, Jose Varese.  Each package comes with a SIGNED FANTASTIC FORCE POSTER as well as THE MENAGE A FARO PACKAGE.  A true X-Mas thrill, even if it still is fuckin September.  



Star Wars and Fantastic Four make up the ultimate Marvel Watch

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