Fantastic Four Vs Darth Doom -- Empire Strikes Back Pet Bed

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Empire Strikes Back meets the Fantastic Four.

The perfect way to reinvent The Fantastic Four was either turn them heel or make them Space Jumping Dimension Hoppers ala Lost in Space. 

This piece imagines Reed Richards as Han Solo, Sue Storm as Princess Leia, C3PO as The Human Torch and Ben Grimm as Chewbacca going up against DARTH DOOM -- the ultimate mashup of Darth Vader and Dr Doom,

Want to keep that doggo off of your furniture? Give them a place of their own with our pet bed! This feather soft fleece exterior is printable on one side, and has a dark brown zippered back and pillow insert. Your roving home security system will love to lounge about in their very own nest right at your feet.

.: 100% polyester print area / 100% cotton bottom
.: For indoor use only
.: Zipper closure
.: Shape retaining insert