Faro's Lounge Super Con Pack -- Graphic Novels & Art Mashups

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Get BOTH Graphic Novels and your choice of 5 Posters!

Not only do we have the best comic books and art commissions in the business, we also have the best deals. Where else but Faro’s Lounge can you grab TWO graphic novels AND 5 high-quality comic book art posters for 60 bucks? Only in the Fifth Dimension. While we can’t give you anything you want at the snap of our fingers like Mxyptlk, we can give you the best time travel graphic novel in any universe. Faro is one of the most successful Graphic Novels on Kickstarter. Every detail of the comic book art is carefully drawn and obsessively redrawn by the patron saint of pencil art, Jose Varese. Every letter and word of the story is planned and written by one of the best comic book writers of the new millennia, the legendary Faro.

In the year 2017, Professor Francis Kane destroys his career and accepts money from some shady characters, to fulfil his ultimate obsession… Going back in time to prevent the assassination of his idol, Abraham Lincoln. Arriving 5 minutes before the fateful event, the professor fails and ends up rotting in a mental asylum while history runs its course. He is rescued by a witch who takes him back in time and nurses him back to health, mentally and physically. Garnering the power of a god, he and the witch take over the world. They sink Atlantis, burn down Rome and build the kingdom of Sodom and Gomorra.

Faro’s story takes you away from the mainstream garbage and transports you into a world of impossibility, science, and lots and lots of sex. Hop on the wild rollercoaster ride that is Faro’s Comics and meet us in the Lounge.

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