Thanos Infinity Two Pack -- Dr Doom -- Lady Death -- Darth Talon

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Two 12 x 18 Posters back to back in a protective toploader -- This is the Faro's Lounge Way

Featuring BOTH the DEATH & FALL of THANOS the Mad Titan of Eternals Fame,

The first person on Darth Doom’s hit list is the main badass of the Marvel Universe, the Mad Titan Thanos, whose obsession with Death has led him to constantly misuse the ultimate McGuffin of the Marvel U, the Infinity Gauntlet.

After a battle of the ages, the Titan finally will fall in combat, and the Reign of Marvels Saga will begin with a new cosmic warlord as Thanos will finally be seduced by the true face of Death and the Queen of Kickstarters, Lady Death.  Rest in pieces, Thanos.

12 X 18 Art Poster from Faro's Lounge Artist Jose Varese