The Fantastic Four Pack -- Sue Storm Collection

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All Faro's Lounge Books & Posters ship in Protective 12 x 18 Toploaders

The Fantastic Four was one of my regular books growing up, along with Spider-Man, X-Men, Superman & Batman,

That 5 pack was my reading material week after week, and even with the Marvel Comics App giving me access to so many new titles and conked up storylines, I still go back to my old favorite Blonde of all Blondes -- Miss Sue Storm,

My first experience with Sue Storm was in the 80s, and she was the Dominatrix MALICE, the star of this Faro's Lounge Fantasy Four Pack --

You get

1 -- The American Safari Iowa Sketchbook -- featuring a VENOMIZED Sue Storm Symbiote Cover

2 -- The American Safari Alabama Sketchbook -- featuring a COSMIC BLONDES Themed Cover with Sue Storm and Samus Aran

3 -- 12 x 18 Pinup Poster -- Sue Storm in the Slave Leia Steel Bikini

4 -- 12 x 18 Pinup Poster -- Sue Storm as Malice the Evil Dominatrix