Happy Monday MoFos, I just made the order with the printers for the new Faro's Lounge Strip Poker Quarter Finals Poster as well as the stack of Faro's Lounge Maryland Sketchbooks featuring Judge Dredd & She-Ra

Depending on your friendly postal service shredding through all the blockaded lines of people waiting on line to see Avengers Endgame (myself included IMAX baby) I should have the books and posters in my hands by the 26th and they shall be going out to be in your hands by early May,

Until then check out the latest poster from my man Hique in Brazil, this is the sequel to my best selling Ebay Poster THE JOKER SILLY CYCLE featured above with the cosmically cute combo of HARLEY & IVY,

The sequel to this pleasure cruise will feature HARLEY once again, only this time she's chopper and chilling with her upcoming Birds of Prey co-star THE HUNTRESS, 

Enjoy and pledge on the new ALABAMA SKETCHBOOK,




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