It's Thursday and I just came from the spa,

Old Stoney Silk Hands is the perfect reward for a week well worked, and this little lotus flower does a thing with her fingers that just, shit-- you're just going to have to come visit Florida one day, words would only frighten you,

So rather then prance on with words, let us use art to express our happy nature on this lovely Thursday,

I'm still annoyed that gizmodo did some bullshit click bait today about the announcement of the title of Episode 9 -- which really annoyed me on two fronts, one because I hate fuckin click bait coming on my Google App, and two, because my reaction means I still give a shit about Star Wars,

Ahh, like the lady who know what to do with her fingers, you just can't stay away,

So while I meet with Coach Cosie about how to take over the world today, enjoy these two Harley Quinn Mashups, courtesy of your man Emil Cabaltierra and Faro's Lounge,

The new Kickstarter is heading towards 300%,


The Punisher and Harley Quinn in True Romance


Action Comics 15, or as I have to say, the whole plot of this comic book could've played out like a mix between a Christopher Nolan Superhero flick and a George R R Martin book,

And what I mean is, this story won't start, leave us hanging and then not bring out a conclusion to the story for another 12 fuckin years, what I mean is, there is so much going on in this issue, it's like they wasted a prime plot and should've handed it off to Brian Michael Bendis, who would've gladly dragged it out for about another 300 issues and then change the storyline because the fucker is a predictable writer,

All bitterness aside, this story finally gives us a callback to Superman strongarming those shady commodities brokers into a million dollar payday,

I get angry at first because Superman is about to fork over all the hard earned cash he got from performing an obscene amount of wall smashes in the last 14 issues,

He gives the check to a home for orphaned boys, similar to that cheese ball ending of Dark Knight Rises, (not a fan, but of course the first two are epic)

So anyway, the plot doesn't just end with Superman forking over the check, he needs 2 million, and finds his way to sunken treasure, where he takes on a group of crusty salvagers and swims past a nest of sharks to find an old vessel loaded with Spanish gold, and the vessel is long embedded inside a kingdom of coral,

Bang, I'm loving this story, but then the melancholy seeps in because I know it won't be expanded upon, I mean how awesome would it be if Superman is about to take the ship out of the coral, when he is sucked in by a void of water and foam until he is face to absolute red headed face with,


But alas, if DC wouldn't do it, you know your man Faro will,

So now we have some key stuff to put into our DC Game of Thrones Masterpiece Theater,

Until we own the keys to Krypton, we will continue to draw and smash the mashups,

See you on the other side bitches,


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