Happy Sunday to those of you not losing your asses in fantasy football -- ugh, sometimes all it should take is a massive order of Thai food and a kief laced bone while spanning through digital stacks of Spiderman Series -- But alas every Sunday needs some Sizzle,

A crate of Flash Mailers arrived today from Amazon, so I shall have the last wave of Football, Colorado and Zeldara 1984 Packages out this week.  As always look forward to hearing your reviews and reviles.

And since you're here, check out the latest sketches from Emil Cabaltierra, who has also finished up the pencils and inks on Pixi Runner, next month's Kickstarter,

He's now banging out commissions before starting up on Pixi Runner 4, and he just gave me the sketches for AHSOKA WITCH & SAMUS STARK,

After checking these out, I immediately ordered up two new commissions, SAMUS Vs ARCEE in a Metroid meets Autobots Mashup,

And of course, since I loved Ahsoka Witch, I had to order AHSOKA MOON,

Both are available on the Kickstarter, for any interested parties,

Happy Shopping





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