Evening my friends and freaks, I just got back from the Yukon Territory and after 4 fuckin days at a Goddamn Bed & Breakfast in the middle of nowhere, I saw just the fuckin hint of green shade coming out of the clouds,

I'm sitting there, a grown ass man sitting on a metal chair with no cushion, barely clutching onto a joint with my glove and screaming at the guy while listening to a podcast while trying to pass the time hoping for the fuckin clouds to MOVEEEEEEEE!

But alas, they did not, and after looking at the bill I realized I could've taken the Spirit Redeye down to Medellin and banged like 12 9s,

But, on a good note, oddly enough, the local cuisine and chefs kicked some ass, so that was nice, and I dropped off a package of books off to Milkweed Books on Main, so now Faro's Lounge has gotten all the way to the Top of the World, and I make you this promise, I will make the first delivery of a comic book package from Faro's Lounge to Antarctica, where if I see one fuckin cloud I will launch a missile,

But enough about me, let's talk about books,

Now that I'm home with my bulldog, I'm sending out the third wave of packages for Sui-Cycle 2 and Anti-Valentine's 5 -- of course Downtown Fort Lauderdale is dealing with some storm and flood issues, so let's hope the mail trucks don't make their rounds until after the monsoon,

Once I have these two Kickstarters cleared I will then get out the Digitals for Zeldara 7, and now that the Beetlejuice Vs Batman Poster is colored, I will start getting the printing going from my new hub out in Arizona, so I may be getting those books and posters to you faster than normal, of course I still need to get the Yakuza Jessica's out here to Florida for Admiral Varese to sign,

The Punisher Starfire books look awesome, the Holofoil really brings out the Hellfire,

So there's your updates my friends, and for those still into some She-Ra, here is the finished colors for this month's featured Sui-Cycle Poster -- CATRA & SHADOW WEAVER on a PRINCESS of POWER CHOPPER,

Happy Shopping my friends,




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