Morning friends, it seems it's never truly a Kickstarter without a fuckin squatter fuckin up my harmony,

You see once the Slave Ivy Original Art sold, I immediately found myself on the phone late night with Jose Varese discussing yet another Slave Leia Piece, this one starring the fatefully torn Rey Skywalker with a frozen George Lucas,

Now this was done because the Ivy SOLD, and then the backer behind the Ivy pulled the Squat on me,

Now again, these are not problems that are awful in the grand scheme of the world, but how fuckin sick are you of using that meme whenever you get pissed,

What I wanted to do was get on a fuckin plane and beat this man in front of wife and children, all while showing a video of poor Jose Varese chained in a basement drawing another commission even while he is halfway to Orlando to Make some Magic at Megacon.

So being pissed off at my quagmire of two pieces of Original Art instead of One, I simply got on a plane to my home away from home -- MEDELLIN,

So now, not only do I lose the commission on the commission, I'm about to lose more money on some Colombian cuisine, and maybe some food as well :)

So now, we have ourselves a dilemma, and I know how to solve it,

Whoever buys either the OG Art for Slave Rey and/or Slave Ivy will get on the back a rare piece of original art from the Faro Interiors done by my main man Jose Varese,

I have a few of his pieces that I literally keep for these art selling emergencies, so there's that my friends,

Now onto the non commission portion of this post,

Coming up on a future Kickstarter, I am adding a RED SKULL & RED SONJA Piece with an Evil Ghost Rider Spin,

I just received these sketches from my man Renato in Brazil, 

Can't decide so it's your turn to pipe in,

Happy Hoarding Hoes,



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