Happy Hump Day -- I have given a new name to my pain, and it is Fantasy fuckin Football,

Did you ever get the feeling that you were up against a ghostly spiritual entity, that no matter how well you plan and strategize, this fuckin cruel callous entity will eventually work it's way around your strategy, like brilliant burst of evil,

But on to Happier things,

I have ordered the Football Fable and Anti-Valentine's Books -- as well as the new F&K Snow White Covers -- the newest of which is right up above and below of this here update,

While we all wait for the new books to be printed, as always our next Kickstarter is up and running, and it is the latest chapter in the Zeldara Saga, #8 -- sorry if I'm not into #1 obsessions like certain desert flowers,

Until we speak again, wait till you see this month's LTD cover -- YAKUZA SUE -- 




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