Greetings my friends, here's the latest colors for our featured poster this month -- DRAGON PHOENIX!!

As always available on the new Faro Kickstarter,

The Zeldara 6 Budd Root Books have been ordered, along with the Dirty Disney Books and Posters,

Jose Varese has taken some time off to deal with the health of his mother, but he has told me he will be back after the holidays to meet up for signatures and to drop off some more original art to go off to their new homes,

It's always good to have my Bulldozer back on the team, forever drawing masterpieces to keep his stress levels in tact, while I fill him full of Thai food and Thai Stick :),

And now for some spread the love time,

As always in the world of Kickstarter, it's always nice to post fellow campaigns of other aspiring comic empire builders, and Austin Hough is no different,

So I want to bring your attention to another Kickstarter "Project We Love": The Masters by Austin Hough and Power Comics.

This is an old-school superhero vs super villain comic that has the look and feel of the Bronze Age of comics (1969-1986). It even has no fewer that 40 legendary artists from that time period contributing.

Check it out here and please support it:



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