Faro's Fantastic Foursome Colors -- SO PINK IT TICKLES!!!

Happy Tuesday my friends, I'm surrounded by coeds with problems, so my therapy sessions must take a pause for me to show off the color update for the FARO'S FANTASTIC FOURSOME POSTER, the 11 x 17 Special that comes as an add on for the DIRTY DISNEY ART BOOK, 

This baby is now available to add on to the current campaign for $12 for those who missed it the first time, and the colors are by my man Sanju, who I almost had to send a package of valium to after going nuts by going 0 for fucking 80 on this last Sunday's fantasy football slate,

Fuck Fantasy Football, fuck it till it dies,

That being said, I'll be back making lineups on Wed, until then, please enjoy the following fucking awesome Faro's Fantastic Foursome, featuring my Dream Team for Marvel's Original Four Horsemen,

This team features Captain Sue Stormborne of Asgard, along with her enforcer Madusa, Elasti-Girl and finishing up with the fire is Firestar,

Get this poster now, cuz the price is going up once everyone on Kickstarter gets theirs,





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