Happy Wednesday Dawn my friends, just got this late night sketch from Master Jose Varese, so why not show it off, so you can get busted in your morning inbox, or late night if you're overseas :)

So here is the first sketch for the Superhero Strip Poker X-Men Animated 97 Edition -- Starring Rogue, Storm, Jubilee and Jean, who still had the great pain shriek in cartoon history (Those of you know exactly what I'm talking about)

Also just got the dropped backers report in from the Dirty Disney, So I may have a couple of the DIRTY DISNEY 3 AQUA FOILs available for those who said they missed out,

And what really chapped my ass was we lost the backer for the ASTROS Vs BRAVES SHOWDOWN Original Art -- which also stars LXC, who will be making her official debut in the Pixi Runner Series, 

For the lucky backer who reclaims this baby in the ADD-ON section, I will be adding a page of Original Interior Art to the backside from Pixi Runner #1,

Either way Happy Shopping,




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