Happy Saturday my friends, and while Florida is hammered by a hurricane, on top of the virus, on top of the looting, ugh I'm convinced God is annoyed by my looming comeback to literary greatness,

But enough about deities, let's get to some hot ass Sue Storm action,

I am almost done packaging up all the UTAH Books, and they will all be going out on Monday morning,

My man Emil send out tracking details to me today, so I am happy to report a package of blank cover commissions will finally be arriving from the Southeast Asian Hub of Faro's Lounge,

As for current business, once I am done packaging Utah I will be ordering up the Iowa Books, 

Those of you who missed out on the Iowa campaign, you can have either the BLACK or BLUE option of Miss Storm in your collection for $25 either book added to your pledge or a special $44 for the set,

Enjoy your evening True Believers, I have a whining bulldog to let bite my toes,

Link is here freaks,




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