Happy Labor Day you lazy non laborers --

ALL PIXI RUNNER 4 and KANSAS PACKAGES HAVE SHIPPED!!! -- However my new postal scheme is backfiring in my face, as many cocksucking postal managers are finding out how I'm trying skirt the weight prices by shipping bulk, 

Once a criminal people :)

As you browse this email you will see the finished colors for FIRE & ICE -- BOOSTER BUSTER CHOPPER, as well as MARY MARVEL & JAINA -- SPACE GHOST RIDER POSTER,

Now that they're both finished I will be ordering up the FANTASY FOOTBALL PACKAGES together with the packages for this current campaign.  So the orders will go in once the campaign is over,

Any and all who missed out on Fire and Ice last month, I have put it up in the ADD-ON Section, for $25 add on, you get a mystery poster on the flip side, just so the ladies have someone to talk to,

Happy Shopping,




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