Happy Monday, the 1st wave of packages have gone out, and more envelopes arrived today, as well as another OG Art swap coming up with Master Varese, which might just get us fully caught up God willing,

My recent trip to Buenos Aires netted me both a new cosplay model and a new artist,

As for Sophie Gamer Girl, I was loving her OF page, which she doesn't do nudity but gets as close as possible, so I was hoping for similar treatment on the hoodie pics, which I wanted a shoot with her breaking up with me and stealing my hoodie after I gave her my heart, in which she would wear the hoodie, and nothing else,

Apparently something was lost in the translation, ah well, I will catch up with her at Ecuador Comic Con this August, and I'm hoping she's suddenly single and has Daddy issues lol

As for the second part, I hired a new anime styled artist at the show, as I always like to bring in at least one new talent at every show I attend, which I always hope I will find my next Jose Varese, or perhaps another Iago or Renato, 

As for my new guy Lukas, also known as PANDA ROJO on IG, I always like to give the newbies an easy and popular character to start with, them I gage the sales to determine whether he makes the rotation,

We did an Anime Harley with two versions of course, and the theme being UFC Harley with a JOKER Don King,

I have both the Dressed and Mature Copies, as well as the Combo deal, in both the main and add-on sections,

Show the man some love and let's feed some more Argentinean madness :)




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