Happy Sunday my friends -- Just got this first sketch of Yakuza Jessica, and now Jose is at an artistic impasse about whether to go CLASSIC LINES or commit to an ANIME Version,

I personally said my bias lies with Classic, but Anime is the in thing right now.  And if any of you saw Creed 3 this wknd, you will see the anime influence in the fight scenes, which were pretty fuckin awesome.  Despite the lack of Stallone, great fuckin movie, 

Back to business, 72 Jessicas are already sold as of press time, it always makes me proud to see the LTDs fly, especially when I see them going big on Ebay, which incidentally BANNED me from selling, so enjoy the marketplace, those friggin socal cunts :)

Well enjoy my friends, and for those of you who missed out on last month's SUPER BOWL 57 Variant, I have the last of the bunch in the Add-On Section,

Happy Shopping,




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