Happy Thursday my friends, foes and hoes,

Here are the color flats for the Jersey Covers, obviously provided after I sent severed fingers to colorist Sanju's house,

I know, I know, impatience is an enemy to us all, but I am just too eager to get these bitches out to you that I must occasionally threaten an artist with bodily harm,

Right now I am enjoying the prosperity of the holidays provided by you the readers, and after a tarot reading and maybe a Jimmy Johns Double, I may just have to break my good boy streak and bang this sexy Latina Hooker I keep looking up online and is only in town till Monday,

Good God, it feels good to be me again,

Until next Batfans, enjoy the pics, and if you want the Kitties and the Titties, I left the uncensored shots on the Kickstarter Page,




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