Happy Monday my friends, I have shipped out 60% of the Poker Books and Posters, now I'm just waiting on the arrival of more flash mailers.  I order them 1,000 at a time and I always get choked up every time I have to order another load, cuz it means 1,000 more seeds have been planted across the cosmos. 

So while I wait and reconfigure way too many Super Bowl Showdown lineups, as always its time for another Kickstarter to commence, as we wait on the finished colors for the last Sui-Cycle LTD Cover,

So it's time to get on board for the 5th installment of Faro's ever so not lovely, Anti-Valentine's Series, this year we continue the Yakuza Slave Design, and bust out the combo of DAPHNE & VELMA, one done up with the tats, and the other with the steel!

Happy Hunting,




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