Happy Monday my friends, I just got back from suburban Maryland, where I took in 80s legends Quiet Riot, Dee Snider, Bret Michaels, Night Ranger, and I even spotted Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajack backstage -- clad in black, totally random and awesome,

So I made it backstage due to a friend or two, and while hanging in between acts I caught the attention of Tommy London from Sirius XM's Hair Nation, who was all about your man Faro's NIC CAGE SUPERMAN LIVES Hoodie,

This is how it all begins my friends,

So now with Montana pledges almost counted up, we shall be sending this month's books and posters off to the printer along with the Harley 3 books, so please answer your surveys in routine precautions :)

And now, onto new business and that is our 33rd chapter in Faro's American Safari -- ILLINOIS, with a GANGSTER SNOW COVER!!!!!

Happy Viewing, and remember where ya were when ur man was making hoodies :)




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