Happy Hump Day you Humps,

The Harley 3 and Montana Books and Posters have arrived -- ah the fresh scent of my babies looking to burst from their bondage of cardboard and tape, eager to make their way to their new homes and....ah fuck what do you care, I have to break my back and ass for the next week with no life and no sunlight and I will smell like a subway, which oddly enough is not that different from my everyday life :)

So as I pack some packages, stay tuned to your mailboxes for tracking codes, and please answer your surveys for the ILLINOIS book so we can get those babies over to the printer,

And now one to new business, 

The next state up for exploitation is VIRGINIA, where we are busting out the Princess Leia of the New World -- MISS POCAHONTAS -- YAKUZA STYLE from the Pencil Master -- Jose Varese,

Happy Hunting,




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