Happy Sunday my friends, I just got this baby colored so I wanted to put her up in the gallery and see what you all thought of my Remix of Mr Benjamin Grimm,

You can add this baby to your collection right here,

I've also put together a collection of Fantastic Four themed pieces and sketchbooks for those of you that are into bundles,

And finally, even while he deals with an unfortunately family tragedy, Jose Varese does not disappoint as he delivers the first sketches for the Faro's Lounge Fantasy Football Fable, which is definitely considering how I'm getting my balls handed to me in baseball right now, fuckin bullpens blow my leads every goddam night, I hate relief pitchers with a passion beyond belief,

Anyway, here is the first sketches for Harley Vs Pocahontas, featuring the scalp of Pat Mahomes and the skull of Mister J,

Make your purchase here, there's a cool million on the line for the week one game, get your lineup fix on here,




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