Happy Saturday my friends and fable makers,

I have been doped up on pain meds after a renegade reflexologist tweaked my fuckin spine,

What happened to just rubbing my fuckin feet???

Anyway, it feels great to back upright typing away and showing off some art,

We have Emma Frost mashed up with Donald Duck for that exclusive Disney Delish, 

Then of course there is Harley Quinn Hulking Up,

I do believe we have enough collected Harley Art to make an ultimate Harley Art Book, 

Hmm perhaps after the Dirty Disney Sequel,

So many channels so many roads, next month will be the Faro's American Safari ARKANSAS -- featuring an Ozark Cave Cover featuring yes mother fuckers,

CAVEWOMAN -- done up in the Slave Leia Steel Bikini and saving a CARBONITE CAPTAIN CAVEMAN

Have a great weekend, and may your fantasy football lineup not beat mine,

New Kickstarter Link below, get your piece of Halloween,




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