Merry X-Mas my friends, as always I have some gifts and trinkets for you, 

First off, the Zeldara 8 packages have just started going out -- unfortunately with every company using the holidays as a shield to hide behind delayed shipments, I'm still waiting on more flash mailers and tubes to arrive, which I assume will be after the X-Mas rush,

So to be safe I will be ordering the printing for the Faro 1868 and Texas Kickstarters together, but of course I'm throwing in free laptop stickers as a thank you for your patience, 

I'll start sending out the Faro Digital Rewards this weekend as we just finished the last page of lettering,

And now for the X-MAS SALE,

Up top you see two Holofoils, ignore the Bulldog in the background of course :)

The Halloween Holofoils were all SOLD OUT, but 5 backers have defaulted on their pledges so they are back up for sale in the ADD-ON section, I even threw in my copy so there are 6 available,

As for Yakuza SUE, Once again I am having the Merry X-Mas SaLe for you Last Minute Lovers,

I saved 25 Holofoils in my secret stash and they are in the ADD-ON section as part of my "$25 for 25" sale, so happy spending,

And for those of you who want a FREEBIE this X-MAS, I got you covered as well,

Check out a MATURE BLOCKS FREE PREVIEW of Faro's Lounge 1st book of 2024


Happy Holidays True Believers,



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