Here is the sketches for the second part of this month's featured Combo -- HOUSE BAXTER -- starring She-Hulk & Sue Storm,

When I first got it, while I loved it, I had to critique Master Varese with one simple task,

How do we know the bottom girl is Sue, I mean the muscles up Top scream SHULKIE faster then you can say MISOGINY (sp???UGH) but when looking at the Bottom gal, I don't people to assume its Sue based on her just being a hot blonde with Doom's head,

And one quick edit later, and we got ourselves more Faro Magic,

Show your love here, and Ciao Bellas -- I'm waiting on more toploaders and envelopes to arrive and I'll be shipping the last few Dirty Disneys and then all of the Zeldara 2sssss,

Happy Hunting,



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