It's Saturday and I'm surrounded by updates, a relief over days when I have nothing but so much useless filler you may as well sign me up for a Democratic Debate or a Brian Michael Bendis comic book marathon,

Get it, because I hate fuckin Brian Michael Bendis and his shit filler style of writing,

Ugh, don't get me started I'm in a good fuckin mood, although a hooker and an oil cartridge may really spice up this Saturday, but you didn't come here to hear this shit, you came for updates,

Blank Cover Commission Updates, my favorite kind, and these two babies are the perfect appetizer if you are looking to get your hands on a copy of Faro's Lounge new Dirty Disney Art Book, where the only filler is what's going to happen in your pants, unless they are shorts, then you're going to scare people, but fuck them, you're an art collector, you're the shit,

So after enduring God knows how many bad Star Wars related comics in the Marvel Archives, I had ordered two more commissions from Emil and one more for Jose Varese's list, once he's done with his commissions in 2023 :)

So for you Slave Leia Star Wars purists, I have ordered a SLAVE AYALA SECURA with a CARBONITE YODA and I have put up another Jessica Rabbit Commission, this time MISS RABBIT WILL BECOME A SITH LORD IN THE MOLD OF MARA JADE with a YODA ROGER RABBIT,

And not to be outdone, I ordered Jose to put in the Queue list a SITH LORD ARIEL THE LITTLE MERMAID ALONGSIDE AN AQUA-VADER

Yes, mother fuckers, 


Almost as cool is the FOUR BETTY'S GAME, a Strip Poker Poster featuring Betty Boop, Bettie Page, Betty Rubble and even Betty from Riverdale,

Stay Tuned True Believers, and make sure to pledge for the new Dirty Disney Art Book,



Harley Quinn in a Frozen Tribute

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