Happy 4/20 my friends, you already can guess how I'm celebrating, and I'm sure the hangover will be worth it, especially if this asshole that keeps bumping into me at the lounge while I'm trying to enjoy the live singer because I think he has a thing for me and wants to make an excuse to touch me and mother fucker, ugh

Sorry got off track there, I am so happy to show off the sketches once again for next month's featured poster Harley & The Huntress, the sequel to the Ebay crushing JOKER CYCLE POSTER,

We also have The Question and Zatanna on the way, but while you're waiting for the next update from Brazil,

Here is the first sketch of what will be the next Jose Varese Masterpiece, the new Jessica Rabbit - Roger Rabbit - Red Sonja - Hellboy piece,

Good luck trying to explain this one to the significant other,





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