Happy Mon--oh screw that shit -- I was one friggin blocked goddamn pass to Rashee Rice from making a million dollars on my Draftkings lineup,

Instead I'm back here in cyberspace, peddling these here naughty books to the likes of you,

Well, as we dance in purgatory together, let's at least do it in style, check out the inks update to the Cortana Vs Lion-O cover -- and God help my man Cedric out in the Parisian cityscape who has to get the coloring to match the NFL teams that were inspired by them,

For those who missed it last month, I just added it to the ADD-ON section,

Colors coming soon, and the CALIFORNIA Books are printed and are being packed as we speak by a gang of outlaws out in Arizona, just waiting in anticipation for my watchful eyes,

Once this Cortana Cover is done, I will be sending these books and posters to print, so please do your diligence and answer those surveys,

And onto to new business,

Our latest Kickstarter is up and running, and it is collecting my Anti-Valentine's Stories and Art and wrapped in smoky French, inspired by a years' worth of trips in the Canadian Kingdoms.




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